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Specification : TN46

Nitrogen mono fertilizer with the highest components.

Ammonia sulfate

Specification : AN20.5

Ammonia-based fast-acting nitrogen mono fertilizer.

Coated Urea

Specification : TN35

Slow-release fertilizer coated with urea.

Amino Acid Fertilizer

Specification : TN13(AN10)

Amino acid organic fertilizer made by fermented liquid in the MSG manufacturing process.

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer (Crystals Form)

Specification : NN11.5% CaO23%

It is applicable to all crops. Produce of greater yields and higher quality results in higher returns for farmers.

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Specification : NN14~15% CaO25%

Contains calcium and magnesium elements, which can improve the nitrogen absorption efficiency of plant roots, reduce nitrogen loss, and make fertilization more beneficial;

Mono Ammonium Phosphate

Specification : AN10-SP44

High content of phosphoric acid, containing ammoniacal nitrogen and a high absorptive.

Fused Phophate

Specification : CP17.5-Ca45 mg12-Alkali 20

Phosphorus containing alkali (lime, magnesium), etc.

Calcium Superphosphate

Specification : SP17.5

Fast-acting fertilizer containing a large amount of water-soluble phosphoric acid.

Mixed Phosphoric Acid With Magnesium

Specification : CP40(WP35)-Mgo2.0

Fast-acting phosphoric acid straight fertilizer with the highest ingredients.

Bone phosphoric acid

Specification : CP35-Ca30

Phosphate fertilizer made by melting cattle bones and flaking the precipitated phosphoric acid into granules.

Ammonium Nitrate Phosphoric Fertilizer

Specification : TN28.5(AN15-NN13.5)-SP5

Fast-acting fertilizer that is extremely water-soluble.

Magnesium Fertilizer

Specification : Mg52

Magnesium fertilizer is effective over a lengthy period and can even be used as a base fertilizer.

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