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KOSEME AUS FERTILIZER Silage wrap 750 Silage Wrap (002)
We are silage packaging experts.
Our silage wraps offer the best quality at the best price, providing the right film for every packaging application. If you purchase silage wrap at a very high price, try our range and see the difference in quality and price.

From procurement to production to delivery, KOSEME uses strict quality control measures to ensure every step is executed perfectly. You can trace the product lifecycle, including the process of manufacturing, to trace the manufacturer of each product. Our products are barcoded.

KOSEME optimizes polyethylene materials with different properties based on deep cultivation in the plastics field and optimal selection of suppliers. We guarantee a high breaking strength and stable UV protection on our silage wraps.

Production Line

Weekly Testing 

Product Range

Name Width Length Thickness Layers
Basic 750mm 1500m 25um 7
Basic Length+ 750mm 1900m 21um 7
Basic Layers- 750mm 1500m 25um 5
Basic Layers-- 750mm 1500m 25um 3
White / Black / Green / Yellow / Orange

Our Silage Wrap Machine

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