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KOSEME Au fertilizer Slow-release Fertilizer Sulfur-coated
Sulfur-Coated Slow-Release Fertilizer
Sulfur coated fertilzer are particles of fertilizer that are coated with a layer of sulfur on the outside of the product. Slow-release fertilizers are excellent alternatives to soluble fertilizers. Because nutrients are released at a slower rate throughout the season, plants are able to take up most of the nutrients without waste by leaching. Sulphur coated fertilizer is more affordable and economic as the fertilizer consumption reduces to one third in comparison to fertilizer without coating. This is an efficient cost saving for farmers.

The fertilizer component elutes slowly

・ The absorption efficiency of fertilizer components in crops can be improved and the amount of fertilizer applied can be reduced.
・ Environmentally friendly with little runoff into groundwater.
・ Since fertilizer components are supplied for a long period of time, the number of fertilizer applications can be reduced.

Paddy rice Slow-Release Fertilizer

Specification : 20-8-8

20-8-8 Fertilizer with a homogeneous component and granule by compounding coated urea and high-grade chemical fertilizer.

Paddy rice Slow-Release Fertilizer (High NPK)

Specification : 25-10-8

Paddy rice-dedicated one shot fertilizer combining nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium in good balance

Paddy rice Slow-Release Fertilizer (Organic Amino Acid)

Specification : 22-10-10

Compounding 10% of organic amino acid contributes to the sweetness, taste and luster of crops

High-yielding paddy rice Slow-Release Fertilizer

Specification : 30-7-7

Nitrogen component limited to the maximum of 30 to provide to producers that prioritise cost over quality.

Mountain type Slow-Release Fertilizer

Specification : 17-20-12

Containing large amount of phosphoric acid.

Mountain type Slow-Release Fertilizer

Specification : 15-25-15

Containing large amount of phosphoric acid.

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