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100% organic fertilizer from different natural sources improves soil health, encourages plant growth, and activates plant defences.

We use our advanced technology to transform bird droppings, bone meal, and food production refuse into a nutrient-rich, all-purpose organic fertilizer. KOSEME organic fertilizer offers a variety of nutrients and trace elements to support plant growth, boost water infiltration and soil infiltration, increase water holding capacity, and improve soil structure and pH balance.

Granular Processed From Waste Of Corn

KOSEME 100% Organic Nitrogen


・ RICH KEY AMINO ACIDS were produced by enzymatic corn.
・ AMINO ACIDS favours chlorophyll and protein synthesis.
・ AMINO ACIDS acts as biostimulants to enhance plant and fruit growth.
・ AMINO ACIDS promote plant o resist drought , coldness, and ability to anti-disease.
・ AMINO ACIDS helps adding sweetness of fruits

Granular Processed From SEABIRD GUANO MINES



・ Guano contains a living microbial flora which enhances organic matter , encouraging microbial activity which improvise nutrient uptake, plant health and soil moisture levels.
・ Phosphorus is necessary for plant to transform energy ,blooming
・ Calcium is important for soil pH ,soil health and cell wall development in plants.
・ Calcium also reduces the toxic effect from sodium and from soil borne fungi such as root rot and phytophthora.

Granular Processed From Palm Bunch Ash

KOSEME 100% Organic Nitrogen

SPECIFICATION : K2O30% - Mg3% - CaO8%

・Potassium is vital in plants growth, as it strengths their cells , increasing their resistance to stress and diseases.
・Potassium helps increase stalk strength and promotes strong buds.
・KOSEME 100% Organic Nitrogen is not only gives the basic nutrients, its high pH also neutralized the soils acidity, especially in peat areas and acidic soils with low potash.
・Good for all kinds of plants—fruits tress, vegetables, flowers ,etc.

Granular Processed From Mg And Ca Mining

KOSEME 100% Organic Soil Improver


・ Improve soil structure
・ Helps balance of pH in soil
・ Help plant health and root growth

Granular Processed From Beef Bonemeal

KOSEME 100% Organic Phosphorous With Bonemeal


・KOSEME 100% Organic Phosphorous With Bonemeal contains both of phosphorous and calcium which are the two important nutrients for plants.
・Phosphorous is for root development and seed ripening, promoting strong , healthy root systems and beautiful blooms.
・Calcium helps with cell formation and neutralizes acids to detoxify the plant. Also helps balance of pH in soil.

Granular Processed from Palm Bunch Ash And Seabird Guano Mines

KOSEME Compounded 100% organic fertilizer

SPECIFICATION : P2O5 11% - K2O15% - CaO15%

・ Potash encourage water retention in plants , increase corp yields, improve taste and help plants resist disease.
・ Phosphoric supports strong cell development and enhance plants growth.
・ Calcium can neutralize acidic soils
・ Slow-released multifunction fertilizer
・ adds nutrients to the soil by naturally breaking down and decomposing.
・ Good for all fruits and vegetables.

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