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We are professional in Net wrap
Our net wrap offers the number #1 quality at the best prices, with films for every packaging application. If you are paying a ridiculous high price for your net wrap, we would like to invite you to try our range.

We are committed to providing the best silage plastics on the Australian market in terms of performance and price. We value the importance of quality in all of our individually selected mesh wraps, square baling lines, silage plastics and web replacement films. Virtually all of our agricultural packaging products are manufactured to meet the specific functional standards required in our harsh environment.

With all of our bale nets, you can rely on their performance on all round balers, regardless of make and model, and for every crop type. With a range of products exhibiting superior tensile strength, elongation and breaking strength, our company has a newest round baler machinery to produce high pressure, high density and high bale weight of net wrap.

The length of each roll of baler netwrap is guaranteed.

Minimum 12 months UV resistance to ensure stable performance in high temperature weather.

Improved edge coverage leaves no bare shoulders to feed, ensuring better preservation and less waste.

Reduce the replacement of blades on the baler, improving efficiency and saving costs.

Stronger breaking strength, requiring less length for each wrap.

Most of the factories don’t provide any after-sales service. Our specifilists will help you to solve the existing problems during using.

Our Production

Product Range

Name Width Length Breaking Strength
Basic 1.23m / 1.25m / 1.3m 2000m / 2600m / 3000m 270 - 280kg
Strong 1.23m / 1.25m / 1.3m 2000m / 2600m / 3000m 280 - 300kg
Super Strong 1.23m / 1.25m / 1.3m / 1.64m / 1.7m 2000m / 2600m / 3000m / 3600m 300 - 320kg
Edge+ 1.23m / 1.25m / 1.3m 2000m / 2600m / 3000m 290 - 320kg
Size & Color
White / Black / Green

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