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High-Standard of Home Gardening Fertilizer
Koseme has a rich history dating back to 2009, when our small factory, started producing beef bone meal fertilizer. Despite the challenges posed by the mad cow disease epidemic, we were able to survive and shifted our production to chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of our strict Japanese clients, and we have been successful in meeting their high standards through our efforts and advanced research and development in Japan.

Under the leadership of CEO Yui, our passion for creating the best fertilizers has never wavered. Our goal is to bring professional-grade products to home gardeners worldwide. After extensive research and development, we proudly launched our KOSEME home gardening fertilizer in 2020.

This fertilizer not only boasts impressive effectiveness, but also features an attractive design that adds a sophisticated touch to any house interior. We believe that KOSEME home gardening fertilizer can bring the best possible products to the market.

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