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Mineral livestock solid salt

Product size : 20kg / 10kg X 2 / 5kg X 4

• Sometimes, brick-like chunks of salt are placed next to the feed bins in the barn, and this is called mineral salt.
• Mineral salts are formed by mixing a mineral that mainly consist of salt with molasses.Cattle lick this salt to replenish the salt and minerals that are essential as nutrients.
• Salt stimulates salivary secretion and the action of digestive enzymes.
• It contains Vitamin E and Selenium which support anti oxidation muturally and supplementaly inside the body of cattle.

Magnesium oxide

Guaranteed ingredient amount (%) : Magnesium oxide: 96%
It is a high-purity magnesium oxide derived from mineral. It is available as stand-alone product.

Baking soda


The feed eaten by the cow is utilized by microorganisms in the rumen (first stomach) to produce VFA (volatile lower fatty acids). The VFA is the source of nutrition for the cow. However, in hot weather, cows eat less and prefer to eat concentrate feed, which increases the amount of propionic and butyric acids in the VFAs, causing the pH in the rumen to drop dramatically.
It is compared with the example for human, it is like a stomach medicine that you take when you eat too much and have an upset stomach. Also, for this reason, feeding baking soda can prevent rumen acidosis and is one of the best ways to prevent heat exhaustion.

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