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We are AUS Fertilizer, Our Mission is Help Farmers To Increase The Yield Of Crops And Reduce Farming Costs which Can Help Farmers To Get A Better Life.

We have our own Laboratory. We do the research, analysis and ensure the composition of the fertilizer is adequate.

Our raw materials come from various countries, so we can give you the best options and price.

Our own factory manufactures our fertilizers. For your needs, a specific fertilizer can be created.

Our fertilizer contains less than 1% moisture to prevent caking issues. Your planting machine could be destroyed by a serious caking problem.

Our fertilizer quality meets Japanese standards, which means the ingredients are 5-10% higher than other countries. It is better for growth.

Most factories do not provide after-sales service Our team of specialists are always available to assist.

Our Products


Processed From Waste Of Corn
N13% - K2O 1%


Water Soluble Fertilizer
NN14~15% CaO25%


Slow-Release Fertilizer


High Quality at the best prices
1500m X 750mm X 25um

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Together we can make a difference

We are a factory direct sales company that performs product development, manufacturing, trade, and sales. We control quality and price by ourselves, and work to improve quality and reduce wastage. The headquarters and factories are located in a bonded area, 800 metres from the port, with convenient transportation, which can reduce logistics costs and shorten delivery times.

Our Partner

We work with various companies from different countries such as Indonesia, Russia, China, Vietnam, etc. It is important to have a variety of sources that can provide the best fertilizers to our customers.

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